Essay about Emergency Preparedness And Disaster Recovery Plan

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Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and fire can destroy a business in an instance. This past year alone there have been 44 disaster declarations, 6 emergency declarations, and 33 fire management assistance declarations across the United States. (Disaster Declarations by Year) Natural disasters like these can impact whole towns, destroying both homes and businesses alike. “Forty percent of businesses never reopen after a natural disaster strikes”. (Program Management) Emergency Preparedness and disaster recovery plans are a critical aspect of businesses “comeback” from the disaster. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are for companies both large and small, designed to perfectly tailor the individual business’s survival needs. The business continuity and disaster recovery plans are written documents for business owners and employees to refer back to after the disaster hits. These plans include things that are detrimental to the reopening of the business such as emergency contact information, insurance information, contact information for suppliers and contractors, and backup information technology systems and data storage information. Emergency Contact Information is a very important section of the business continuity plan. Businesses need to have an easy to access and up to date list of all the emergency personnel in your area, your suppliers, your maintenance or construction company, and every employee’s contact information as well as an offsite…

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