Essay on Elections Are The Most Fundamental Aspect Of Democracy

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Elections are the most fundamental aspect of democracy. Through elections, individuals have the ability to choose who they believe will best represent them and who will work towards the betterment of their community. Many Canadians are very familiar with the way in which they elect representatives on a federal and provincial level. The way in which we elect individuals at these levels is usually very similar. However, more variety in electoral systems and unique results of elections can be found at the municipal level. The two most commonly found electoral systems are the ward system and the at-large system. Both the ward and at-large systems effect how different groups are represented with elections, voting and other factors also effecting representation. What are the effects of elections and electoral systems on the amount of representation citizens feel? What can be done to increase representation in municipal government?
Wards and at-large systems work in drastically different ways and have varying results of representation. A ward system typically has one elected representative from varying geographically defined wards located in the city. The majority of municipalities’ electoral system is ward based, meaning each individual who is eligible to vote, can vote for one candidate to represent them on city council. The candidate with the most votes, not necessarily the popular vote, then becomes the councilor for that ward. A ward system presents some issues when it comes…

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