Effects Of The On The Environment Essay

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The article addresses the possible future causes of more endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment, but does not address the possible solutions. Many developing nations resort to the burning of waste as it has few regulations and the need for waste space persuades them to do so. Tanabe states that the open air burning of the waste produces dioxins and related compounds that contaminate the soil. As he further states, “this suggests potential for adverse effects on the health of humans and wildlife in developing countries” (Tanabe). Once again, however, no solutions are given to resolve this problem. Since these are developing nations, few regulations exist on the expelling of chemical pollutants. Few regulations are a result of competition amongst not only other developing countries, but also with already industrialized nations. In order to catch up to the economic level of other countries, few concerns about the health of the environment are raised the against the overwhelming majority of international success. With few countries caring about their environmental footprint, much responsibility is left to the industrialized nations of the world. Without solving the feminization problem, huge effects are rising from the built up problem. In his article "The Canary in The River”, Eric Hagerman argues that bass fishermen could potentially see huge drops in bass populations. Shenandoah experienced a huge loss in their smallmouth bass population in 2004 and 2005.…

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