Effects Of Globalization In California

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Globalization in California Globalization has been a part of California since the very first immigrants set foot on our land decades ago. Since then, immigration has turned our society into a mix pot of scholars and workers. Over the years, we have distinguished certain immigrants from others, claiming those who arrived here earlier to be “American” and those who arrived more recently to be foreign. This difference has been a controversial issue world wide and politically argued to the point of violence. What many fail to realize is the impact “immigrants” have on California economically. They have the majority of the jobs that “Americans” don 't want like service maids, fast food workers, and taxi drivers. If we were to import ever immigrant …show more content…
Food is one of the main elements that defines our culture and without globalization, our choices of food would be nowhere near as exotic as there are in California today. We have food from every culture around the world and most of the restaurant owner, chefs and workers are immigrants. That’s what makes the food so good and differentiates it from our typical “American food.” Without immigrants to introduce us to these different styes of cuisine, we would never get so much first hand exposure to it. If globalization and immigration were to be severely restricted, California would become a bubble. It would be tricky to figure out what is actually American. The world seems to believe our food consists of cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes which are fatty and unhealthy choices for daily meals. Which is why we need different cultures in order to be able to discover not only our personal preferences but also how to maintain the body and diets that we desire. That’s why globalization is such a key part of many fast food chains and large companies. Through globalization, we are able to franchise our fast food chains by introducing them to foreign countries which makes them more successful in addition to spreading our

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