Essay on Effect Of Dependent Variables On Children

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The results of this experiment were taken from the tracked variables. The independent variables were amount of sleep attained, and the time of day which participants were given the encoding phase of the experiment. Dependent variables in regards to memory were taken from the first experiment. Those were correct-memory scores, the misinformation-consistent responses, and the false memory rates. New dependent variables were sleepiness, affect, and working memory capacity. These results were tracked using the aforementioned tests, and their results were used to see if there were any predictors or correlations.

When it came to the original variables, there was no trend in correct-memory scores with regards to the time of encoding. While there was a trend for sleep-deprived participants to have lower correct-memory scores, it did not reach significance. While neither sleep condition or encoding time seemed to have a trend in relation to misinformation-consistent responses, there did seem to be a trend in interaction. Those who were sleep-deprived and received the morning encoding had a marginally higher rate of misinformation-consistent responses than the well-rested participants who received the morning encoding. Meanwhile, there was no significant difference between those who received the evening encoding, despite sleep condition. Finally, with false-memory rates, the researchers found a huge significance. Sleep-deprived participants who received the morning encoding were…

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