Edgar Allan Poe 's Dark And Dire Symbols Essay

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Throughout history, people have used expressed any ideas or concepts through the use of symbols so that other people can perceive the same idea. In the case of literature, symbols turn into words and text that suggest meaning when repeated throughout a literary piece. For American poet Edgar Allan Poe, his dark and dire symbols reside within The Raven and suggest multiple meanings. Poe’s poem tells the story of a lonely, unnamed narrator who mourns for the death of a woman named Lenore. The man then encounters a strange black raven that only speaks the word “Nevermore” and noticeably makes the protagonist descend into madness from his grief over the loss of Lenore. Poe’s romantic literary piece conveys dark symbolism that portrays thematic elements of evil, obsession and insanity.
As with most types of fiction, The Raven was written by Poe and it was most likely based on real events in Poe’s life. Much of the story elements, emotions and themes found within The Raven mirror the loss of Poe’s loved wife Virginia Clemm. Virginia had been Poe’s wife for a decade before she became ill, and he most likely wrote The Raven as his vision of how he would go mad, already having a drinking problem, because of the death of young Virginia. In Poe’s follow up essay The Philosophy of Composition, he writes about his procedure and motives whilst writing The Raven, where Poe writes that he wrote a poem about a woman because “Beauty … in its supreme development, invariably excites the…

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