Eating Disorders And The Jewish Culture Essay

3070 Words Oct 14th, 2014 13 Pages
Eating disorders is one of the many issues within today’s world. Any culture or race is susceptible to this. In the Orthodox Jewish community, eating disorders has sprung. It is now a highly prevalent problem and it is unsure to where the problem stems from. This paper will discuss eating disorders in general, in order to better understand them. This includes anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Then, this paper will discuss the idiosyncrasies and possible contributors to young Jewish women suffering from eating disorders. This includes the idea of food, the process of marriage, and the Western influence on the Orthodox Jewish culture. This paper, it will give insight into the current society of Orthodox Jewry and its eating disorder problem.

Today’s generation, like no other preceding it, can be defined with one word: Psychology. People today have gone to great lengths to study this fascinating topic and to understand what makes the human mind function. Its complexities and abstractness is still widely studied, tested, debated by some of the world’s greatest minds. Psychology has shaped this generation which learned of mental illnesses and mental disorders that so many have suffered from for hundreds of years, but unfortunately, was never understood. Today, the world is filled with psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and neurologists, to name just some of the professionals trained to deal with the human mind. This…

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