Early Onset Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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Alzheimer’s Disease is a mental deterioration that usually affects the elderly but the signs and symptoms can come up in middle age. It can cause dementia and can hinder the person’s abilities of performing normal daily tasks of driving, self-care, and basic day to day duties. Many do not think that Alzheimer’s will affect them but the statistics are high. Alzheimer’s does not only effect the individual it has impacts on the family members and society. With research we take a deeper look on how Alzheimer’s is affecting more and more individuals and how it is caused, how it affects their family and the community, and how we can put a hold on Alzheimer’s nationally and globally.
Early onset of Alzheimer can start between the ages of forty and fifty. Signs of mental deterioration include memory loss that affects daily functions, difficulty completing tasks, confusion, new problems with words, decreased or poor judgement, and misplacing things. But, what causes it? In 1906 Dr. Alois Alzheimer described the disease in a patient with memory loss. After the patient passed away, an autopsy revealed dramatic shrinkage and abnormal deposits around the nerve cells. Dr. Alois did not realize that the information he found was a scientific understanding of a neurodegenerative disorder. The disorder was named Alzheimer’s disease in 1910. Dr. Alois passed away in 1915 but the research continued. In 1931 the invention of the electron microscope made it possible to magnify the brain one…

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