Essay about Dr. King 's Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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In Doctor Martin Luther king’s letter from a Birmingham jail, he transmits a message from the nonviolence protestors to the Birmingham clergymen about the injustice against black people. Dr. King was arrested and sent to jail in order to hold the protests. During 1963 (unknown), segregation was taking over Birmingham, churches, libraries and even businesses were facing violence and constant discrimination, leaving the city a difficult and unsafe place to live for many African Americans. Through his letter, Dr. King expresses his disappointment with Birmingham and those who criticized his beliefs and movement. He defended his right to be there transmitting feelings and emotions on the matter. Dr. King’s civil rights movement started in 1955 heading the Montgomery movement association (unknown). King believed the nonviolence was the right way to lead the civil rights movement. He used his experience and knowledge to prove that Birmingham was, in fact, a segregated city. Dr. King pointed out specific people leading segregation and supported his opinion with real facts and perspectives persuading the audience with ethos. The purpose of Dr. King response was to defend himself from the Birmingham’s clergymen open letter criticizing his actions. Martin Luther king also refers to the community that supported and conflicted segregation. He wrote his letter while being incarcerated in a Birmingham jail. Dr. Martin Luther king was able to gain trust and confidence with the…

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