Essay on Dr. John Seward

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The entire story has a protagonist and for me Dr. John Seward is the protagonist from this story. This protagonist represents a good person that cares for others. This protagonist is a character that has help in different ways. John Seward is part of a group of people that wanted to destroy Dracula. Dr. John Seward does not really have a focus of bean a doctor he is focusing more in Lucy. He has focus more in Lucy because he is hard broken they broke Dr. John Seward hard. Lucy is not in love with Seward he is in love with one of Seward’s friend, he doesn’t like the fact that his friend is happy with the woman he likes. At one point in the story Lucy gets really sick, they call Dr. Seward to help her out. Dr. Seward is the doctor that helps with the blood transfusion they did to Lucy. At the end of the story Seward is the person that helps out cutting Lucy’s head out. Seward and the group of friends travel to kill Dracula in Transylvania. Dr. Seward finally forgets about Lucy and gets married and now he has happy life like he always wanted with Lucy. There are many characterizations in each character in the story. One of the characters that are bean characterized is Van Helsing. Van Helsing is a professor he is a form of philosopher, a person that knows a lot about science. Van Helsing is a smart person that also fights against Dracula. He is a brave person that is not scare of anything, he knows what he is facing and he knows it is not going to be easy. Helsing knows an…

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