Dr. Dowd Miss Smith Preap English Miss Essay

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Dr. Dowd Miss Smith PreAP English Miss Bartholomew 2 February 2015
The Human Race has many varied, unique members from the Eskimos of Alaska, to the Polynesians of Bali and Fiji, to the mountain people of Peru, the Tuvan throat singers of Mongolia, and the River dancers of Ireland. What makes the world a fascinating place is the crazy quilt of humanity that lives in it. And because the world is composed of so many different people, sometimes within the same confines of a country, one must acknowledge the challenges that exist with the concept of brotherhood. This is the case in South Africa where four demographic groups collide daily: Afrikaans, Indians, Coloureds, and Natives or Black Africans made of many different tribes. Steve Biko in “Black Consciousness 1971,” Dire Straits in “Brother in Arms,” and Nelson Mandela in “Working Toward Peace” have commented on brotherhood and its obstacles in South Africa.
In “Black Consciousness 1971,” Biko calls black men in South Africa to bind together “around the cause of their oppression.” He suggests that coming together will enable black men to forfeit the chains that restrict them. He affirms that black men are not “an aberration,” but instead part “of God’s plan.” Black men should cease imitating their white brothers, and should be the black men they were meant to be. Biko contends that the pride of black men can lead to a campaign of “black solidarity,” which can be a powerful force of change. As a result of the Apartheid…

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