Does Language Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Language is how, we as human beings, express ourselves, to instruct, inform, announce, entertain, socialise, converse, advise and many, many more functions. Language can be heard in conversations, on television, through the radio. It can also be seen in books, magazines or through the use of sign language. The high use of language in our homes, workplace and community means those without the basic oral and listening skills will be at a disadvantage (Fellowes and Oakley, 2014).
Language is multi-faceted and can differ depending on the social situation, such as how an informal conversation between a father and son differs to a professional discussion between employee and employer. Halliday (1964) identifies this as a language register, the process by which we adapt language dependent on a particular context or social setting.
There are over 6000 different languages spoken around the globe (“Languages of the world”, 2016, para. 3) and while English is the most spoken language, there are many variations (Lauber, 2016). For one example, in Australia there is Australian English and Aboriginal English. Caruso (1997) highlights that Aboriginal English differs from Australian English through dialect, pronunciation and a variety of words that may not mean anything to a user of Australian English but makes sense to users of Aboriginal English.
With all these factors to consider it is important for educators to recognise the many different roles that language can have in…

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