Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe Essay

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In the play Doctor Faustus written by Christopher Marlowe, Marlowe tells the tale of a power hungry theorist who turns to necromancy in order to attain his goals. The play shows the rise and fall of Faustus throughout his journey into black magic. Marlowe finely illustrates Faustus’ desires for power and fame. Throughout the play Faustus has several opportunities to relinquish the dark arts and ask forgiveness from God, yet he never does. Faustus rejects the intervention of God in an effort to propel his self-interests. Doctor Faustus dove into a realm in which he had no business doing so. By deciding to partake in necromancy and exemplifying the Seven Deadly Sins Faustus condemned his soul to Hell. One should not feel sorrow for his ultimate damnation. Faustus chose to wander onto the dark path of necromancy, which resulted in his rightful punishment. Faustus deserves to be punished for his sins. He supposedly dedicated his life to the teaching of Christianity, yet seems to blatantly disregard them at any turn. If one dedicates themselves to a doctrine, they have the moral and ethical obligation to abide by them or suffer the consequences.
Faustus demonstrates many of the Seven Deadly sins. According the Christian faith, these sins are mortal meaning they damage the soul of the perpetrator. However grave these sins may be, if one were to repent and truly feel regret for their actions, then they have the possibility of being saved by God. Faustus has several opportunities…

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