Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas And John Donne Attitudes Toward Death

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Poetry in its own form can provide the backdrop for some of the most emotional experiences and thoughts someone will ever have. With amazing manipulation of words an author can twist a poem into something of immense significance to a reader. Authors Dylan Thomas and John Donne attitudes toward death were very similar but differed greatly into the manner in which it was written. To understand both of these poets one must first understand their influences and the period in which they lived. Dylan Thomas writer of “Do not Go Gentle into That Good Night” was born in South Wales in 1914. He was known for his rowdy demeanor and look on life. This attitude can be seen his poetry on many different levels. John Donne writer of “Holy Sonnet 10” however was born in London on 1572 during a period of religious tumult. During this period many were killed for their religious believes.
The speaker of the “Holy Sonnet 10” poem is a man filled with plenty of wit. He is filled with confidence that his Christian faith will ease his path to heaven rendering death meaningless. The speaker of “Do Not Go Gently That Good” is a man desperate to keep his father alive and breathing to stay alive. The speaker is the type of person who values death and believe that life should be fought for as long as it can be grasped. These poets are similar in the fact that they both see death as a nuisance and irritant to humans. However they differ in the fact that Donne retribution against death is through…

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