Dissociative Identity Disorder And Mental Illness Essay

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Dissociative Identity, or Multiple Personality, Disorder is a relatively rare, but chronic, mental illness that is characterized by an individual having two or more states of identity fighting to take control of the body. While a person diagnosed with this disease could have anywhere from two to one hundred alternate identities, approximately half of the individuals living with Dissociative Identity Disorder have ten separate alters and have trouble remembering what happened when a different alter was in control. This condition is incredibly serious and despite it’s causes, it’s terrible symptoms, and how difficult it can be to treat patients, very few people are aware of how severe it is.
The cause of dissociative identity disorder is not completely known, but it is understood that this disease is not due to any biological causes. Nine out of ten individuals struggling with DID are women and this condition can affect anyone regardless of race, age, or wealth. Most individuals that suffer from this disease experienced some kind of abuse, neglect, or trauma as a child and could also show symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a result of struggling with sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, children sometimes learn to cope by disassociating and, as abuse occurs more often, they create more and more different personalities to give the pain to someone else (another identity). Along with childhood abuse, people that live with Dissociative Identity Disorder often grew…

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