`` Discovering The Humanities, By Miguel Cervantes Essay

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Morrison 1Kristen MorrisonDean FeldmanIntro to Humanities2 April 2016Miguel Cervantes’s Don QuixoteThe Spanish baroque period took place near the end of the sixteenth century. At thistime, the picaresque novel was being written by Miguel Cervantes. Picaresque meaning, aSpanish novel involving adventures of a rough and dishonest, but appealing hero. This novel,Don Quixote, may be referred as the very first great modern novel. However, according toHenry M. Sayre, in his book, Discovering the Humanities, “the first book that introducedpicaresque tradition was Lazarillo de Tormes” (Sayre 324). The book was banned because of itscomedy towards the Catholic Church and was put on a list of forbidden books. MiguelCervantes had a very interesting life, not only was he in the Spanish army, he was a novelist, apoet and a playwright during the Spanish baroque period; best known for writing the first greatmodern novel, Don Quixote, which inspired many novels, plays, and artwork.First of all, the book is set in central Spain in the early 1600’s. The novel was written intwo phases. The first book was completed in 1605, the second one followed a decade later. DonQuixote was the protagonist of this novel, or the leading character. Sancho Panza may beconsidered a protagonist but he may have been tagging along for entertainment purposes. DonQuixote was obsessed with reading books. He enjoyed reading books about chivalry andromantic adventure. He especially loved the stories about knights and…

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