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Tone, Style, and Mood | 1. | The footsteps were coming closer. I knew I had to get out of there fast. Looking desperately around, I finally spotted a small window at the end of the room, a beacon of light in the dark, rancid basement. I sprinted and leapt up to grab a ceiling pipe. Thankfully, the pipe was close enough to the window to allow me to swing my body through. My enemy was making his way down the hall, bursting open door after door. I needed to break through this window in two tries to make it out in time.

What is the mood of the
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| | |

| A. | The mood becomes joyful. | | B. | The mood becomes peaceful. | | C. | The mood becomes terrifying. | | D. | The mood becomes mysterious. |
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3. | What is the mood at the beginning of the passage? | |

| A. | depressing | | B. | comical | | C. | joyful | | D. | horrifying |
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| Woodland Jeremiah knew that life was going to get better once he finished his degree. To begin with, people who doubted his commitment to education would begin to show him some well-deserved respect. He had planned to visit his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Chen. She was the only one who had shown faith in him more than his own family. Mrs. Chen had told Jeremiah that he would grow up to be one of those people who would be read about in textbooks someday. Jeremiah thought about the day his first day at school in Woodland. His mother had often reminded him about the look of disbelief the people at Woodland gave at the ten-year-old Jeremiah. That day, his mother insisted that Jeremiah could catch up and had asked the principle to give her son a try. Something about her pleadings had worked, and Jeremiah was able to join kids half his age on the pursuit of education. That day was history. | 4. | Which sentence contributes to the optimistic tone of the passage? | | |

| A. | "Jeremiah knew that life was

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