Deterrence Theory And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Are you a criminal? Personally, I would say no. But who wouldn’t say no, half of the time people aren’t truthful. Anything that I have remotely done could be considered as illegal would be going over the speed limit, but it is never more over ten miles per hour nor does it happen regularly. To develop a better understanding of why I’m not a criminal I will work through the theories by applying them to my life.
Deterrence theory is one of the more well-known theoretical perspectives. Deterrence is where they believe that punishment reduces crime among the general population. They also state that committing crimes reside in everyone. Which makes sense that there are times were at least once someone has considered doing an illegal act. For me, I felt that the deterrence theory works. By knowing that I could get in terrible for a crime deters me from doing it. Although, I believe that it works more now than when I was younger. When people are younger they tend to not actually worry about what was going to happen, but by maturing and going off to college it affects me more now. College students, especially with certain types of majors like Criminology, know that if they planned to commit a crime it could affect their future. By spending so much time and money towards my education make me render better choices.
Moreover, rational choice theory refers to seeking to benefit oneself. But the choices are often hurried and based on incomplete or inaccurate information. Though they do…

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