Depictions Of Children From Families Essay

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The Depiction of Children in Families
Depictions of children refer to the various ways in which children are portrayed. There are various ways in which one can tell whether children are proud of who they are and where they came from. While children keep the memories of their deceased parents and carry them on their following generations, it means they are happy and proud of where they have come from and the kind of lives they were brought up in. In one of these works, a child kept the memories of the activities carried out by their father during his last days. In these days, he could ask his father questions based on what he could see around. Everything learnt from the father has been safely saved in their memory long after the father is gone. This demonstrates the child’s appreciation of their heritage and and the valuable lessons they learnt from their parents.
Children are sensitive with what they hear and see from their guardians and parents. Even at their old age, they are brave enough to share lessons they learnt during their childhood form the people who brought them up. The manner in which they share them shows whether they are grateful or regretful. Different people have different views, opinions and beliefs, they pass on these opinions and beliefs to the children with which they live. For instance, if a parent believes that a certain site shoud be used as a shrine, the child grows respecting the same shrine and believes it is a holy shrine as told by the parent.…

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