Democracy And Individual Freedom : The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The liberalism of each individual country is different and subject to change at any given moment due to its high sensitivity to time and circumstance. Liberal-based ideas of democracy and individual freedom are first found emerging out of Athens, Greece and then later from the Roman Republic. After the fall of the Roman Empire, chaos spread and such liberal-based ideas disappeared as people spent a millennium trying to create an organized society to get rid of the anarchy that existed. As societies became more stable in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, people had time to think about other things than just how to survive.. During the Renaissance, the role of the individual in society became viewed with more importance and this raised many questions. Belief in the Catholic Church began to decline, and this ultimately led to the protestant reformation, which, at the same time, saw a decline in the feudal stratification of government. The time period during the reformation was when people first saw the feudal stratification of government begin to drop. The philosophical ideas that emerged from the Renaissance led to what can be defined as The Age of Enlightenment. The fundamental meaning of the word renaissance is “re-birth.” Here, we begin to see the rebirth of liberal or enlightened ideas as philosophers such as Locke, Smith and Mill challenged the ideas of the European monarchs, claiming that individual freedom is should be more important than the power of the…

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