Essay about Definition Of Terminology And Units

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Terminology and units
Current is a flow of electrical charge carriers, usually electrons or electron-deficient atoms. The common symbol for current is the uppercase letter I.

Potential difference
The potential difference between two points.The units for potential difference are Joules per coulomb, or volts. (1 volt = 1 Joule/coulomb).

Electrical charge
Electric charge is carried by the electrons ( negative charge) and protons (positive charge) within an atom. The symbol for the electrical charge is Q.

The symbol for the resistance is ohm Ω and as the ratio of the voltage applied to the electric current ,which flows through the circuit.You can find electrical resistance of a circuit component.

They are measured in siemens if not mhos and they are the degree to which an object.We work out this by ratio of the current which flows to the potential difference present. In equation they are a uppercase letter G.

Electrical power
An electric circuit helps to transfer the electrical energy and electric power is the rate in which they do this and these are made electric generators or can be given by a source (electric batteries).

Mobile charge carriers
They are when a semiconductors is used by the mobile electron for the electric charges to pass through them.

Definition of current in terms of rate of flow of mobile charge carriers
They are the rate of flow of electric charge and in wire you can find electrons which…

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