Debate Write Up : Immigration Policy Essay example

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Debate Write-Up: Immigration Policy
Never before had I been involved in politics until this year, and with a controversial presidential election nipping at America’s heels, now was a trivial time to finally become involved. At the first mention of an in-class debate at the beginning of the semester, my palms instantly grew clammy. The only image I could attributed to the debate process was the comical GOP debates that frequently appeared on television, and there was one thing I knew for sure - I did not want to be involved in that mess! After the debate experience, I learned that debating does not have to be messy, and there is a difference between a heated argument and a civil debate. In a civil debate, one learns that there is no good or bad in an actual debate, nor is there wrong and right. There are just facts statements with opinions formed around them, but not all opinions are created equal. Our debate group decided to tackle the process by assigned each person to specialize in an area of the debate topic, with our debate topic being illegal immigration. Our group argued on the liberal side for easier immigration laws, and we tied humanitarian, economical, geographical, and crime rate arguments into our topic. I specialized in crime rate, which the conservative side tackled more than anything else because crime rate statistics vary across the internet, and with the majority of the statistics, correlation does not equal causation. I contributed to the debate by…

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