Dark Romanticism In The Tell Tale Heart

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Poe Paper Edgar Allan Poe was widely known as one of the best authors of the Dark Romantics era. The dark and creepy characteristics of his stories and poems presented the characters as sinful in his works and looked into the dark side of the mind. Poe’s works are influential today as they are studied all over the world and used as the basis for the subgenre of the Dark Romantics and what the era of stories and poems really represented. Not only Edgar Allan Poe, but Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Herman Melville were the main writers during this century that focused works madness, humanity, and nature. Poe seemed to embrace the genre and type of storyline the best as his works always created a similar feeling or impression on the reader. Poe …show more content…
The characters in “The Tell tale Heart” contribute many different elements to the building of the atmosphere of fear and horror. For instance, the old man with the vulture eye, that creates fear in the heart of his caretaker. The old man is blind and the eye demonstrates the horror that the eye can see everything that is happening even though the old man cannot. This is how the character creates the common atmosphere. Also, the caretaker of the old man is extremely paranoid and to some degree mentally unstable when it comes to the old man’s eye. The fact that the caretaker stalks the man while he is sleeping creates that creepy and fearful sense. To point out, another one of Poe’s stories contains characters that are essential in creating this atmosphere. The characters from “The Black cat” help in establishing it as one of the characters is a ghost. The cat that is owned by the narrator is killed early on by the narrator himself and then reappears as the story progresses to cause him problems. The ghost like essence of the cat adds to the atmosphere of horror that is portrayed as the cat haunts and torments the narrator and causes him to get locked up. Furthermore, the narrator helps to create this atmosphere too, as he is writing the story from his cell and since he was a major alcoholic during the time of the story. This character establishes the atmosphere well with his horrifying actions towards his pet cat and towards his wife who he kills with an axe. He is looked upon as unpredictable and that creates fear in the story. The characters also from “The Fall of the house of Usher” depict the atmosphere pretty clearly as some of them are mentally disturbed in some way. For example, the character Roderick Usher who is the brother of Madeline Usher is said to be physically and mentally ill as he takes precautions in the story to

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