Daily Life Of Athens And Sparta Essay

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The Greek way

I will be discussing daily life in Athens and Sparta based on the following aspects that I consider to be the typical criteria of daily life: Health, Food, living conditions, environment, society and level of freedom (especially to engage in ones will, along with the resulting form of suppression or opposition, if any.)

As you can see I am very specific in the type of ‘freedom’ I chose as an import part of daily life. This will be one of the prominent distinguishing factors between life in the two city states, as their forms of government and leadership resonated on opposite sides of the spectrum. Women’s daily lives will also be discussed exclusively due to its difference in nature from the norm.


The atmosphere of Athens, due to its rich architectural contribution was that of awe and wonder. Massive architectural wonders like the Parthenon built in honor of the goddess Athena, marble figurines, sculptures , golden goblets and masks were only the ‘beginning of the show’ for the Athenian display of creativity. If you think jewelry in the form of arm bands are a recent thing, you should see the Athenian-style golden arm bands that came in the form of a golden serpent wrapped around the wrist and it’s head-cast as the body of kings, queens and angels.

New archaeological excavations and findings continue to reveal more of their artistic talents.

In contrast, Sparta was more like a large military base with a heavy military presence (all the…

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