Critique On ' The ' Shooting An Elephant ' Essay

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Critique on ‘Shoot an Elephant’

In todays’ society, we are influenced by many peers. Even though many may say to ourselves, “I make my own decision, I am my own person, I will do what I think is right.” With that being said by most of us, are we really doing what ‘we’ think is right, or are our decisions being made being influenced by other individuals? It comes across that George Orwell’s essay reflects what many may go through today. The struggle to do what is morally right when an entire world persuades individuals, or gives a different vision of the opposite. ‘Shooting an Elephant’ represents a very powerful essay with a police officer that suffers from inner conflict. Orwell seems to be a very weak individual with a weak mindset. Confused and lost as to what decisions he really should make on his own. He sets the mood of this impression in the start of his essay.
In the essay “Shooting an Elephant”, it is based on a man who is pressured to kill an elephant that was thought to be wild. This adventure took place in Moulmein, in Lower Burma. Could he have saved this elephant and done what his heart wanted to do? Or was the peer pressure by others to strong? Orwell withheld the job of a sub-divisional police officer. He was a very lonely man who hated much of what surrounded him. Orwell responds to the call, taking his rifle, “an old 44 Winchester and much too small to kill an elephant”, (Orwell), in hopes of frightening it with the noise from the rifle. By him taking…

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