Criminal Behavior : Why Criminals Behave The Way That They Do

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Criminals are those who act in a way that violates public or federal law. This is an agreed upon term, but the question that scientists have been pondering is why criminals behave the way that they do. The debate has been continuous with no avail, it is argued whether it is genetics or the environment that causes criminal behavior. If criminal behavior is looked at too narrowly then there can be similarities but, everyone is different and therefore have different ailments or reasonings for the crimes they commit. This research can be beneficial to the scientists who are in the debate, psychiatrists and psychologists who attempt to rehabilitate criminals, and social workers who attempt to stop criminal behavior in delinquents. Genes and mental illness are reasons for criminal behavior along with the environment that the person lives in, socioeconomic status, life at home, and bad neighborhoods. Genes and the environment work together to play a part in criminal behavior, genes cause mental illness, and the environment causes a person to turn to crime; the understanding of criminal behavior will aid in crime management and those who attempt to rehabilitate criminals. Criminal behavior is defined from a legal standpoint, but if looked at from a biological viewpoint, it can be different. Richard McFall, a police officer at Creve Coeur, was asked why he believes criminals behave the way they do. His list includes: glorification, social influences, mental disease, child rearing,…

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