Crime Rate And Incarceration Rate Essay examples

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The United States has the largest incarceration rate in the world, and paying a high price for it. Incarceration stability ended in the mid-1970s when the prison population increased from 300,000 to 1.6million inmates, and the incarceration rate from 100 per 100,000 to over 500 per 100,000. However, there seems to be little relationship between the crime rate and the incarceration rate (Clear et al., 2013).
One of the causes of prison overcrowding results from the increase rate of arrest and greater use of incarceration. The criminal justice system is incarcerating more people to prison for a longer period than the prison capacity allows. The prison population depends on the number of admissions and the number of releases of prisoners in an observed period. According to admission and discharge data, trends in the length of sentencing can be observed. Thus, by analyzing all three trends, the number of admissions, the number of discharges, and the length of prison sentences, the reasons for the increase in prison population can be identified (Novak, 2009). A large proportion of the prison population is made up of past convicts with new crime after they are released only to become incarcerated again. The offenders also may have committed a new crime that was recently established by the penal code while serving on parole. The addition of criminal offenses to the penal code means that offenders can be sentenced for new crimes. Inmates may also be sent back to prison for failure…

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