Essay on Crime Is The Violation Of Cultural Norms

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By definition deviance is the violation of cultural norms, therefore crime is considered a deviance that breaks social norms and laws. Crime itself has been with us since the beginning of human civilization. It is often looked down upon due to the nature of its being. But according to functionalist perspective; society needs crime. If crime did not have any functions, society itself would 've gotten rid of crime altogether. However, crime can also be a threat to social order because it has dysfunctions that can make social life unpredictable. Then again, it is impossible to eliminate crime entirely therefore, it is important to keep crime rates at a minimum level. For instance, a way Mayor de Blasio can decrease crime in New York City is to expand the use of school based programs and family based programs that focuses on helping the people in need. Based on Merton 's strain theory, if there are social structures within a society that are preventing certain people from achieving success with legitimate means, they tend to use other methods such as crime to achieve the goal. Thus, helping the disadvantaged citizens can assist them to achieve success so that they do not rely on illegitimate means to achieve success. In order to decrease crime in New York City, it is essential to understand how crime works through the lens of the Merton 's strain theory. As Agnew describes, there are "two general categories of strain that contribute to crime: (1) others prevent you from…

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