Cost Benefit Analysis Matrix Essay

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Can Animals be used Animal Testing?

Thesis statement: This paper discusses research on how animal testing brings more medical advancement and less human-based experiments and sees if there are any alternatives to the use of animals in research since it is a practice of animal cruelty.
Animal Testing refers to strategies done on living creatures for reasons of exploration into fundamental science and ailments, surveying the adequacy of new drugs, and examining the human health. The processes involved in this testing, even those that are seen to have no significant effect, still cause the animals bodily as well as mental pain and suffering. Often these processes cause
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The reasons are as below; * To enhance scientific understanding- The scientific knowledge through basic biological examination helps one comprehend how living things function and apply that comprehension for the advantage of animals and humans. The investigation of animals is an essential piece of this exploration process. Numerous major cell functions are the same in all creatures, and the bodies of animals are similar to humans in the way that they perform various essential functions, for example, breathing, assimilation, development, sight, listening to and propagation. To treat sickness, specialists and researchers must see how the solid body functions. This prompts a comprehension of what happens to the body when one falls sick and how this is put right. * As models to study Diseases- Hundreds of diseases are shared between humans and animals thus animals can be used as the models to investigate human diseases. For instance, the ill effects of atherosclerosis that is the solidification of the source arteries, in rabbits. Cats also suffer the effects of a portion of the same visual impairments as humans (Loscher, 2011). From such models, we understand how diseases influence the body and the reaction of the immune system to the conditions. * To create and test possible types of treatment- When researchers discover more about

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