Corporate Governance Practices And Disclosures Essay

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Corporate Governance, its practices and disclosures have attained a significant amount of importance in the modern economic scenario.
Corporate Governance can be elaborated as the instruments, methodologies and relations by which enterprises are controlled and guided
In layman terms, we can say that it means the processes by which the workings of any company is determined.
Coming to the topic of disclosure, it goes without saying that with increased liberal rules and globalisation,the shareholders and stakeholders of the company, whether the public or the governing bodies, now demand transparency when it comes to the knowledge of the functioning of the company. Rules and regulations have been adopted to make the stakeholders as satisfied as they can be with the amount of information they are let to have, concerning the company and ultimately,their profits or losses.
This review will target three research papers in particular, which deal with Corporate Governance Disclosure.
We start with the TVS Group research paper, collected very dilligently by Mr Shashank Shah, it talks about Corporate Governance in a family owned business that is now one of the top ten companies to manufacture two wheeler vehicles in te world. The paper then looks at the research compiled by Mr Madan Bhasin, who looks at 50 companies and their CG Disclosures. The third paper is the CG Disclosure by Mr Maheshwara, who takes a look at the policy of disclosures of 8 well established companies…

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