Coral Reefs : The Rainforest Of The Sea Essay

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Coral reefs are sometimes referred to as the “rainforest of the sea.” They are the home to a large group of different marine animals. Coral reefs upholding biodiversity, act as a natural barrier that protects coastal areas from hurricanes and erosion, allurement for tourism that provides new jobs and income to economies, are new probable medication for treatments such as many illnesses and diseases, and are a source of food for humans. Corals ecosystems are the home of an abundant number of marine life. The ocean contains less than 1/10th of once percent of coral reefs. With such a small area of coverage, reefs has a greater amount of organism living in these habitats other than organisms living in any other shallow-water ecosystems. There are over 800 different types of coral species, over 4,000 fish species that live in these corals, and over a million species that are still undiscovered. Some species use coral reefs for hunting, as a nursery, or spawning.
Deep-sea coral reefs has the greatest biodiversity on the deep ocean. For example, Lophelia holds 92 percent of different fish species in the northeast Atlantic. The total annual net benefit of biodiversity of coral reefs estimates to over $5 billion. By the means of biodiversity, the benefits that coral reefs has on humans is that it provides food, income for coastal economies, and has potential medical benefits.
Coral reefs act as a natural barrier that protects coastal communities from common weather conditions. The…

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