Essay on Consumerism And Its Effects On Society

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Admit it… We have all wanted to be like Madonna, as a material girl, living in a material world; seduced only by a lifestyle flushed with the riches of the world. This iconic song’s provocative lyrics, let alone the magnetic music video attracted many to be invited into the life of a materialistic girl; who wanted nothing more than to sit in the lap of luxury, knee deep in all the material treasures that only a wealthy boy could offer her, all the while disregarding all attempts of romance and relationships. Attraction to the materialistic things in this song succeeded in showing the glamorous side of materialism, but what if this lavish way of life is only temporary and you are left with nothing but a “penniless” feeling of unhappiness and emotional distress? Research has emerged with findings stating that consumerism may be linked to both mental and emotional problems; revealing that maybe being a material girl in this consumerist world isn’t as glamorous after all. Every member of society strives for his or her well being to be in a state of contentment. However, in the United States; a country with limitless richness of material wealth, along with the obsession of this material wealth, a balancing act happens where our state of well being is now being balanced alongside the need for material wealth. This balancing act soon becomes a battle for attention and most of the time, material wealth wins, and our state of well being is ignored once again; for this balancing…

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