Comparison Of Bettelheim And Cullen, A Classic Tale Cinderella, And Many Other Fairy Tales

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Bettelheim and Cullen are two widely respected authors who wrote articles about fairy tales, or more specifically for Cullen, versions of Cinderella. Kids of all ages read the classic tale Cinderella, and many other fairy tales. Bettelheim writes about fairy tales being much more beneficial to kids than modern stories. He provides examples of “Rapunzel”, a classic fairy tale that provides children with more than just an escape, “The Little Engine That Could”, and “The Swiss Family Robinson” two modern stories that do not add hope to a child’s mind but provides a temporary escape. Cullen writes about the many centuries of Cinderella like stories and why Perrault’s version ended up on top. These articles may not seem to coincide, but both Bettelheim and Cullen offer the ideas that fairy tales offer an escape, revenge to the evil in these stories, and that eventually rescue will become a reality. Bettelheim has much to say about modern stories versus fairy tales. In his article he claims that fairy tales are better for children than modern stories because fairy tales offer an escape and hope for a child’s future. When he says, “Many of the new tales have sad endings, which fail to provided the escape and consolation that the fearsome events in fairy tale require if the child is to be strengthened for meeting, the child, the vagaries of his life.” (Bettelheim 306) This expresses Bettelheim’s idea that fairy tales are better for children to read when in search of hope…

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