Comparing the Books a Raisin in the Sun and the Great Gatsby Essay

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There are many similarities involving the main characters in the books The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun. For example, they are similar because their entire lives revolve around money. Also, they define their lives by determining what social class they live in. Another main likeness between the two is that they reside in large cities. Which leads to problems that people in rural communities wouldn’t have. On the other hand, they also have major differences. One is wealthy, the other lives in poverty. Jay Gatsby lives in a paradise-like community in New York, while Walter Younger and his family live in the slums of Chicago. Another difference between them is their race. Jay, being a white, is a well respected individual in his part …show more content…
This creates a major problem between the director of the neighborhood and the Younger family. As living in the 1960’s, the Younger family encounters very many situations such as this. This is because of racism. Overall, despite the warnings set by the community director, they decide and move in. The story ends there so we haven't a clue on what happens to them.
Along with the many similarities between The Great Gatsby and A Raisin in the Sun, there are a few differences conflicting between the two. The thing they differ the most in is wealth. Mr. Jay Gatsby is an extremely rich businessman that earns him a five-star house, a luxury car, and the ability to do almost everything he desired. On the other hand, Walter Younger and the rest of his family live their lives in poverty. For them, it has been like that for many generations. The problems that they could solve themselves is the way they handle their money. For example, Walter could have invested the ten thousand dollars. Instead of doing that, he took the money and made an extremely bad business deal. Also, some of that money could be spent towards Beneatha’s college fund. That way, when she became a doctor, she would be able to make the most money her family has ever seen. She could also send some back to her relatives to help take them out of poverty. Race in the early twentieth century made a major difference on where you were in the world. The stereotype of that time was that

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