Comparing Mcburney V. Young 569 U.s. Essay

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1. Title and Citation

McBurney v. Young 569 U.S. (2013) Petitioner: Mark J. McBurney et al. versus Respondent: Nathaniel L. Young, Deputy Commissioner and Director, Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement, et al.

2. Facts of the Case

FOIA, which is The Virginia Freedom of Information Act grants and gives all the public records to all citizens, in some cases all the records and information are only provided to the Virginia citizens, for example, “one petitioner, McBurney, was a former resident of Virginia who sought information under the state FOIA related to the delay of a state agency in filing a petition for child support on his behalf” (McBurney v. Young. (n.d.). Oyez). Later, “he then filed a Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) request with the VDCSE for all records pertaining to his son and ex-wife” (McBurney v. Young. (n.d.). Oyez), but he was denied. When he was denied, he “sued in district court arguing that denial of the VFOIA request violated the privileges and immunities clause and the dormant commerce clause of the Constitution” (McBurney v. Young. (n.d.). Oyez).

3. Issues

Does the Virginia FOIA violates the Privileges Immunities Clause of Article IV of the Constitution or the dormant Commerce Clause?

4. Decisions (Holdings)

“The Court held that VFOIA does not violate the Privileges and Immunities Clause because VFOIA does not actually violate any fundamental privileges or immunities” (McBurney v. Young. (n.d.). Oyez).

5. Reasoning…

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