Community Policing Is The Most Effective Mode Of Operation When Serving The Needs Of A Community

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“Community policing is the most effective mode of operation when serving the needs of a community” (Gaines & Worrall, 2012). The ways in which law enforcement agencies interact with the communities they serve play a major role in the department’s primary goal of working cooperatively with citizens as well as resolving issues which potentially affect the livability of their neighborhoods. Additionally, police rely on the community to report crime and provide vital information that is necessary for them to fight crime and address community concerns, and the community relies on the police to curb disorder and help in times of emergency. For these reasons, establishing and maintaining trust is paramount. While it is the job of the police to ensure public safety, there have been many incidents that have generated a distrust of police departments within the community.
Values are personal judgements which are complex in nature. It’s about what is true and virtuous. Values are reflected in the belief of a public administrator as to what is in the public interest, how to promote social justice and what serves the greater good. Motives are based on individuals’ values and ethics which do not necessarily dictate motives. Motives cannot be based on self-interest but must serve the collective interest of others. It is the responsibility of the public manager to create a moral check and balance to its own ethics, values, motives and professionalism to which they bring into the…

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