Communication And Meaning Of Language Essay

1228 Words Feb 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Communication and meaning combine, to make us humans, believe and think we know about the world and our environment as told to us through Language. Language is established when there is a necessity in an individual to gain something specific. When such characteristic is met, we as humans, are able to acquire and develop language through a combination of innateness and the environment. Language is a key tool humans, use and need, that is easily taken for granted. We do not realize how dependent on language we really are. Language is the sharing of subjectivity of a specific subject through changes in objects that other subjects,or individuals, are able to perceive. These objects are the tools that an author has the control to change depending on how , he or she, wants to express what they sense or feel. The “ sound waves in the air…or the hand signals of sign-language” (Dunn) are what subjects use in order to communicate with one another. Interestingly, these tools cannot stand alone and therefore, cannot express their own language. Similarly, subjects cannot communicate without the tools; they need these tools in order express language with other subjects. Language comes to be known to an individual when they encounter a need that must be expressed. An individual uses sign language or actual speech, to express the specific necessity. For example, an infant would cry because it needs water when it is thirsty. The infant’s crying is the display of a goal oriented action…

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