Climate Change Is Affecting The World Essay

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Climate change is affecting the world in different forms and increments. In the last century various parts of globe have seen the impacts of global warming, green gas emissions, and flooding. These natural disasters cause massive amounts of damage economically, politically and socially leading to competition for limited resources, upheaval and chaos on both the local and national spectrums. However, many are quick to dismiss the impact of climate change when its horrific effects do not hit home. Andrew Simms, Director of the New Economic Foundation cautions the globe about easily dismissing these impacts as he asserts, “For people who think so what if the sea level raises up a little, or I live halfway up the mountain or in the middle of a land mass, it won’t touch me… they need to ask themselves, do they need to eat food. They need to ask themselves do they need clean water”(Nash, Michael, Hogan, Justin. “Climate Refugees: The Global Human Impact of Climate Change”. Kanopy 2010. 4:15). With increased reliance among nations for basic necessities, climate change has become a global issue, networking countries into a complex, interconnected web. If one state is affected the effects will be felt on both its citizens and allies or dependents. Moreover, the World Bank highlights scientific predictions that by 2100 global warming will cause a worldwide 4°C temperature increase creating quickly-evolving conditions that plants and other types of vegetation cannot adapt…

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