Cleisthenes In The Athenian Revolution

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The individuals I have chosen for my timeline are ones most of who I have never heard of before. I found all of them very interesting in that the historical events related to them have shaped our world today.

Cleisthenes came to power during the Athenian Revolution when in the first time in history the common people overthrew a government to form a new one and this event is seen as the birth of democracy. He helped the Athenians develop and form a system of government in which all had a say, not only the aristocratic few.

The efforts of Cleisthenes enabled Themistocles, a non Aristocrat, to have a powerful say in the Athenian government. Themistocles was a cunning and courageous leader and under his leadership created Athens into a world power. It was his wit that forced the Persians to become trapped in the straits of Salamis.
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Pericles had the insight to symbolize to the world that Athens was flourishing and he developed Athens into a great Empire as the cultural intellectual center of the world. He did this by authorizing the construction of the Parthenon to symbolize and display the greatness and power of Athens. Athens, under the rule of Pericles became the intellectual center of the ancient world, because Pericles hosted many gathering of the leading intellectual and cultural elite. Hoever, Pericles was not the leader that Themistocles had been and Athens eventually lost its status as a world power by going to war with Sparta during . the Second Peloponnesian War, Pericles urged the people of Athen to cram behind the city walls. This was a fatal mistake because the plague had been introduced by one of shipments from overseas. The plague caused death and destruction not only of the people but also of the social

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