Clean Air Act Is A Federal Law Essay example

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Clean Air Act is a federal law that was implemented in 1970. It regulates air emissions mobile to immobile sources. Congress noticed that air pollutants were becoming a growing health concern among the growing public. Hazardous air pollutants pose health risks as well as environmental threats.
The new law presents an operating permits program sculpted after a similar program under the Federal National Pollution Elimination Discharge System (NPDES) law. The purpose is to ensure compliance with all appropriate requirements of the Clean Air Act and to improve EPA 's ability to impose the Act. Air pollution sources subject to the program must obtain an operating permit, states must develop and implement the program, and EPA must issue permit program regulations, review each state 's proposed program, and oversee the state 's efforts to implement any approved program. The EPA also has an obligation to develop and implement a federal permit program for when a state fails to adopt and implement its own permit program. As of now, source 's pollution control obligations could be dispersed through various provisions of state and federal regulations. In some cases, the pollution source is not mandatory under the applicable State Implementation Plan to present monthly or yearly reports to EPA or the states. The permit program will ensure that with one permit document it covers all of a source 's obligations. It will also require periodic reports to be submitted to the EPA or the…

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