Classroom Management Plan For Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Introduction My Year 8 History Class this year, consists of 28 diverse and enthusiastic students. Approaching half way through term 1, I feel my students are settled and established in my classroom for me to start my Classroom Management Plan. This year, my history students are quite a diverse group and different from many other classes in the school, more then half uncluttered from ethnic backgrounds. The class ratio puts girls higher at 16 students and boys at 12 students. Furthermore, within the classroom, 13 out of 28 students require ESL and special education support, learning difficulty support, as well as 3 in which have behaviour concerns and will be acknowledged in this Classroom Management Plan.

Teaching Philosophy Throughout history, many historians and scholars have explored different theories to how students learn in the most productive and efficient way in the classroom. A productive and efficient way in which allows students to learn, and develop skills that will provide a foundation for them in the future after school. Despite the many theories enriched through literature, the Social Justice Theory is a holistic theory in the role of education and teacher management. The Social Justice theory revolves around the relationship between the individual and society, particularly, how the individual is self determined yet interdependent to be aware of their actions and their effects on others, (Bell, 2016). It articulates the need for an individual to be…

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