Classical Film Theories And Realism Essay

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Classical film theories are generally divided into two main camps. They have been categorized as Formalism and Realism. The formalist approach looks at the structure and form of the film. It incorporates shot composition, camera movement, set design, editing, etc. The realist approach scrutinizes how a film represents “reality.” It is a mechanical reproduction of reality that strives for objectivity and realism.The primary focus is always every day, true-to-life characters and dilemmas, and the real life situations they are found in. Commonplace themes are the rule. To achieve realism in cinema it was necessary to direct attention to the physical and philosophic problems of ordinary existence. People emerge as victims of forces beyond their control in a rapidly accelerating world. Although there are also a few similarities, formalism and realism can be shown to offer substantially different approaches to the art of filmmaking and the study of film.
Realism is a style of filmmaking that attempts to duplicate the look of objective reality with emphasis on authentic locations and details, longshots, lengthy takes, and a minimum of distorting shots. Andre Bazin championed cinematic realism. He identifies Realism as a movement of filmmakers “who put their faith in reality”. (Bezin 24) He believed films should depict “objective reality”. The credibility of a film did not come from its believability but from the identity between the photographic image and its object. Thus…

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