Classic Eurasi A Time Saturated With Cultural Growth And Development Of Societies

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Classic Eurasia: a time saturated with cultural growth and development of societies. During this era Empires rose and fell, various religions were created, and mankind was morally tested time and time again. In some societies, the equality of men arose from these challenges. In other civilizations however, people were dragged into the toxic cycle of sharply stratified class systems. But, a common presence amongst all of the societies of this time was the patriarchy. Under patriarchal rules, women are inarguably defined as subordinate to men in all matters (233). Indeed, despite differences in culture, religion, and language, the patriarchal oppression of women was a common theme among all Classic Eurasian Empires. Although the patriarchy was present in all of the classic Eurasian Empires, the Chinese, Roman, and Indian civilizations each offered women some semblance of liberation in their own way. Through religious, educational, and political means, the classic Eurasian Empires offered women a few methods for liberation from oppression. In India, women were offered freedom from their traditional roles through religious means. Indeed, Buddhist women could become nuns to have relative freedom from traditional gender roles (234). A Buddhist nun, formerly a housewife, rejoices in her freedom in a poem written in a book called the Psalms of the Sisters. She states “O woman well set free! How free am… (247)”. Another poem in the book, written by a former courtesan, describes…

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