Essay about Chronic Offenders Must Know And Understand The Meaning

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To understand chronic offenders you must know and understand the meaning. A chronic offender is a person with multiple criminal convictions spread across multiple criminal events. Peace Officers (police officers) and society are dealing with chronic offenders, he or she must understand criminals are repeat offenders and will do anything in their power to gain access to what they want or to escape from going to jail or prison to face sentences or the legal court system for the accuse crime they have or was accused of committing. Chronic offenders can be kind, nice and charming in the beginning, but at any sudden moment that person can become violent and dangerous. Chronic offenders are the most dangerous criminal within society because he or she has been incarcerated multiple times and know if they are arrested, they would be sentenced to a longer time in jail or prison because they are repeat offenders. Examining most of the chronic offender’s criminal history some of the reasons why they commit most of their crime are because of substance abuse. Most chronic offenders suffer from mental or psychological issues that they attempt to treat with drugs or alcohol as an easy way to minimize the symptoms of their problem. (Norwood, 2016). An offender’s that has a problem dealing with drugs are mostly arrested by the peace officer (police officer) with the drugs either in their possession or inside of their system. Drugs are the most common source that leads individuals to commit…

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