Christmas, By Shirley Jackson Essay

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Holiday Spirit
Christmas, a federal holiday since the year 1870; The name “Christmas” derives from Old English Christes maesse, meaning “Christ’s mass.” My favorite holiday of the year, not only because of the presents under the tree, but also the fact I get to see my family. We use to celebrate Thanksgiving, but most of my family had to work. Christmas is the only day a year we all spend together with them from out of town. Much like, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, she tells about a tradition that she wants to continue just like I hope our Christmas tradition passes on from generation to generation.
Waking up on Christmas Eve is such a tease because I want to open my gifts now. I can usually talk my parents into letting me open at least one present, and I don’t stop until they finally give in by letting me have one. Christmas Day is even more exciting to me, though. I remember running into my sister’s room jumping on her bed yelling, “Wake up, wake up.” I kept screaming louder, “It’s time to open presents, hurry!” I immediately ran to my parent’s room asking excitedly, “Can we please open presents now?” Once I’m awake, I can almost bet you the whole family is too. Family means so much to me, and I hate that out of 365 days we only see each other once. I remember when my cousins and I were little we were so excited to play Dirty Santa because that meant one more present for us. After we opened all of our gifts, we would run in the yard to play with our new toys. I…

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