Christian Religious Traditions And Christian Beliefs Essay

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Christian religious tradition (or Christianity) has long been thought of as a set of dogmas, sacraments and moral attitudes linked with a belief and reverence in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as captured in the stores of the Bible. Within Biblical gospels one find descriptions of the many miracles Jesus Christ bestowed upon mankind, stories that became fundamental to Christian belief, where the faithful profess to the genuine nature of these stories as factual truths. Given the structure of the Christian religious traditions, Christian’s belief in miracles, expressions of divine intervention and the adherence to teachings, practices, and rituals associated with the faith with an established heritage and long history, many scholars consider it as its own culture (as well as a religion). Christianity has established a heritage as well as lengthy history. It has, and continues to, inspire wars and bring about peace, shape and influence other cultures, politics, education, science, legal policy and punishment, and a number of other elements within society. It has grown from its original position of religious orthodoxy and adapted a somewhat more liberal perspective in some respects, but retained staunch conservativism in others, leaving some to question what has caused such distinctive dichotomy. This paper will explain how the Enlightenment movement and Modernity have shaped the diversity within the Christian religion tradition through examining the contributions…

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