Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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“Things Fall Apart” is a historical fiction about a man named Okonkwo. This book takes place around the turn of the 19th century in Nigeria. Okonkwo was a tragic hero and a protagonist in this story. He was often starving as a child due to his father, Unoka, due to his large amounts of debt and drinking. The custom in their village, Umuofia, luckily was to judge a man for himself, not a relative or father. Nonetheless, Okonkwo grew up with a lot of determination and drive to step out of his father’s poor image. Oddly enough power was given from the success you had as a wrestler. Okonkwo was one of the best wrestlers in the Igbo community. Hence, he was very powerful and was one of the few leaders of Umuofia. He was extremely passionate about his clan and couldn’t stand other peoples’ “false” ideas. For example, he disliked the oppressive Englishmen. The whites first came as a missionary, then soon after they were making their own government and holding a court system. As a proud clansmen Okonkwo couldn’t stand the white men. Okonkwo really lived by his spiritual beliefs. His beliefs were that his ancestor’s spirits were the ones that controlled everything from crops to deaths and everything in between. So when he heard of his son, Nwoye, joining the Christians, he was extremely disappointed in him. This however, was after his gun accidentally shot someone at Ezeudu’s funeral. The law of the land said that if a man kills another man, on purpose or accident, he and his family…

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