Chinese Family Case Study

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With the development of China’s economy and society, profound changes in family and family-related issues have occurred over the last century, especially after the reform and opening-up policy in 1978. People’s living standard has improved dramatically and the family size is becoming small because of the one-child policy which started in the 1980s. In order to investigate changes in Chinese family, I interviewed my parents and one of my grandparent’s colleagues. In this narrative, I will describe what family life and livings were like for four generations and then compare and contrast their family life.
My grandparent’ family life and living
My grandparents passed away when I was a child and I interviewed one of my grandfather’s colleagues
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The life at that time was difficult and many children were starved. The living conditions were poor. He grew up in a rural village and self-sufficiency was common. They planted rice by themselves. His mother also plated some vegetables in the vegetable farm. His sisters often picked edible wild herbs in spring and summer. In winter, there were fewer fresh vegetables and pickles were the main dishes. He could only eat some meat and fish on festivals. He and his siblings did not care whether the dishes were delicious because there was always not enough to eat, especially when droughts or flooded occurred. In the 1940s, he was on foot when going out because there were no buses, no cars, or even not many …show more content…
Families needed lots of children to work farms. My grandfather had two brothers and three sisters. All relatives lived nearby and my grandfather could visit his uncles and aunts often and played with his cousins. People preferred boys to girls and women’s social status was low. He and his two brothers went to school and his elder sisters had to stay at home and help their mother with the housework. His relationship with his siblings was good. On Chinese New Year, his family, his uncles and cousins got together and had a reunion dinner. His relationship with his parents was not very close. His father spent most of the time outside and they seldom talked with each other. His father had absolute authority in his family and his marriage was arranged by his parents.
The literacy rate at that time was low. Many children could not afford to go to school and girls were not allowed to. Education was simple and students never thought about going to college at that time. My grandfather got high school’s degree, which helped him enter a state-owned enterprise and become a clerk. It was a lifelong job and he could get pension after retirement. The job improved his life a lot. He moved to Ningbo, a city in ZheJiang Province in China and had his own house

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