Essay on Children With Asperger Syndrome ( As )

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The purpose of this research paper is to educate readers about Asperger Syndrome (AS). To better educate the reader, this paper will describe Asperger Syndrome, the associated characteristics, causes, impacts at school and at home, intervention methods, and assistive technology in reference to the affect they have on children with Asperger Syndrome. Various sources including peer reviewed journal articles, reputable websites, and other textual information were used to comprise the information in this paper. Children with Asperger Syndrome may not appear or act in the same manner as that of an average child, however, they are still human beings and should be treated as such. Individuals with AS are generally considered to be on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Unlike like children with Down Syndrome, children with Asperger’s lack obvious physical characteristics of having a disability; this combined with the common high functioning component can at times lead to harsher societal criticism. Children with AS, while quite verbal and intellectually bright, their social skill deficits remain the greatest challenge (Church, Alisanski & Amanullah 2000), which is a magnetic for much of the criticism. Asperger Syndrome is as unique to a person as they are to the world, and with the assistance should be given the opportunity to better themselves as individuals and members of the community.
Description of The Disability Asperger Syndrome is named after Austrian doctor…

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