Children and Poverty in the United States Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Children & Poverty in the United States

Children & Poverty in the United States
Kylon D. Shipp
University of Phoenix

In the United States, there are millions of families with children who live at or below the poverty guidelines set by the federal government. The federal poverty income level is around $22,050 a year for a family of four, and it takes about twice that amount to cover the basic needs and expenses of a family of this size (National Center for Children in Poverty, August, 2010). Although most parents are employed, the low pay wages these days tend to leave these families in a constant struggle to provide for their children. Most states have programs that help families that have a lower
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Poverty is a difficult situation to get a handle on because of the constant rise in population in the United States. At this time it was reported by Fordham University that the social well-being of the country had reached its lowest point ever. Young people and children suffer the most from this. Poverty has a tragic affect on all age groups however, 48 percent of its victims are children. Every day there are 2,660 children born into poverty, and of these impoverished children, 27 of them die because of it (Hearts and Minds, 2007). According to a study done by the Coalition of Human Needs (2007), the number of people who lacked enough money to afford proper nutrition rose from 36 million to 49 million in one year alone. Children made up 17 million of those people. There are too many poor children who often go hungry and these same children do not have regular access to medical care. Children living in poverty are kept isolated due to lack of transportation, and suffer from having no quality child care and no early education. When they are old enough to begin attending school, they are forced to attend schools with low-funding, are extremely crowded, and they receive very little attention. Poor children are also exposed to violence more often and have the tendency to drop out of school more often. Experts today are worried that children that are born into poverty have much less of a chance than they did in the earlier years (, 2010).

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